Making My WFH Life Bearable

With the ongoing pandemic, I've found myself struggling to feel comfortable with being home ~23hrs/day. In case it helps anyone, I wanted to jot down and share some things that I've found helpful for me.

Making My WFH Life Bearable


  • Try to keep on top of cleanliness. For me, the environment around me impacts my thought process. Staying in a good routine of keeping my place tidy, emptying the dishwasher, putting away clean clothes, etc has been especially important.
  • Going for at least one long walk a day.
  • Having a video call with friends or family every 2-3 days.
  • Regular 1:1s with coworkers. Combining this or the above bullet with long walks is great.
  • On warmer/dry days, working on my balcony has been nice. I just use my night stand as a makeshift desk.


in case anyone’s interested, here’s some other stuff I’ve been buying to make quarantine life easier:

Hope this helps some folks!